Smile, Everybody!

"When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you." These are the words taken from an old song. These words must have given Tomoji Kondo a bright idea. He started smiling classes. Now, they're all over Japan. People from all walks of life, aged 20 to 83, attend these classes.
  As you enter the class, you must shout out, "Konbanwa!" (Good evening!) as loudly and cheerfully as possible. Then you're supposed to make direct eye contact and smile as you shake hands with your classmates. No bowing is necessary. Laughing is not allowed, either. According to Kondo, smiling immediately makes you feel better. Sound like a good idea? Why not give it a try?

  “如果你微笑, 全世界的人都会和你一起微笑。”这是摘录自一首老歌的歌词。这句歌词一定给了近藤有司一个很棒的点子。他开设起微笑补习班来, 而这种补习班现在己经遍及全日本, 上课的人来自各行各业, 年龄从二十岁到八十三岁都有。
  你踏进教室时,必须尽可能大声而愉快地喊 "Konbanwa!" (日语的“晚上好!”)。接着, 你和同学握手时, 应该面带微笑地注视着对方。你不需要鞠躬, 也不准笑出声来。根据近藤先生的说法, 微笑可以立即使你心情舒畅。这主意听起来很不错吧?何不试试看呢?