Each day, more than 6,000 people around the world fall victim to HIV. That's how serious the problem is. The World Health Organization has estimated that about 17 million people have already been infected with this disease. The news is that the virus is now spreading fastest in Asia. It's high time some steps were taken.
  Two proven methods should be followed. One way is to teach people how to avoid catching the virus sexually through condom promotion. The other way is to encourage people to stop having casual sex. A word to the wise is sufficient, so don't take this warning lightly.

  有两个已经证实的方法应该遵循。其中一个方法是藉由提倡使用保险套来教导人们避免从性行为而感染到该病毒。另外一个方法则是鼓励人们停止性滥交。智者一点就通, 所以不要忽视这项警告。