I Prefer My Own Brand

Jenny and Frank are at a coffee shop.
(F=Frank; J=Jenny)
F : Did you read about the "special juice," Jenny?
J : Yeah. Isn't it disgusting?
F : Well, what gets me is how come so many people are using it.
J : It's incredible, isn't it?
F : Mind you, though, there might be some truth in the matter.
J : What? I can't believe what I'm hearing. Are you that naive?
F : I'm not so sure. It might really work.
J : Gee, don't tell me you're interested in trying it.
F : Why not?
J : Tell you what, I've been drinking coffee all morning. I'll do you a favor...
F : Thanks, but I prefer my own brand.
(They break out laughing.)

法兰克:珍妮, 你读过有关“琼浆玉液”的报导吗?
珍 妮:读过啊。那不是让人呕心吗?
法兰克:这个嘛, 我搞不懂的是怎么会有这么多人在用这东西呢。
珍 妮:真是不可思议啊, 不是吗?
法兰克:不过, 告诉你哦, 这样做也许有几分道理。
珍 妮:什么?我真不敢相信会听到你这样说。你就那么天真吗?
珍 妮:天啊, 你该不会也想试一试吧。
珍 妮:这样好了, 我喝了一早上的咖啡, 就让我来帮你个忙……。
法兰克:谢了, 不过我还是比较喜欢自己的品牌。