It's Too Late

A mother and her child are walking along the street.
(C=child; M=mother; W=waiter in a restaurant)
C : Mom, I need to go to the washroom.
M : Uh-oh! Can't you wait?
C : I can't stand it anymore.
M : OK, let's go into this restaurant. Excuse me, but can my son use your toilet?
W : Of course not. This is a restaurant, not a public toilet.
M : You're so mean.
W : Oh, OK. But it'll cost you US$5.
M : What? That's highway robbery.
C : Mom, never mind. It's too late.
W : Hey, come back here and mop the floor.

小 孩:妈, 我需要上厕所。
妈 妈:糟糕!你难道不能等一等吗?
小 孩:我不能再忍了。
妈 妈:好吧, 我们到这家餐厅去上吧。抱歉, 能不能让我儿子用一下你们的厕所?
服务员:当然不行。这是餐厅, 不是公厕。
妈 妈:你怎么那么小气。
服务员:哦, 好吧。不过要付五块美金。
妈 妈:什么?简直是拦路打劫嘛。
小 孩:妈, 算了吧。已经来不及了。
服务员:嘿, 回来把地板擦干净。