As Poor As a Church Mouse

Anna and Eric are talking about the previous lesson. (E=Eric; A=Anna)
E : Wow! Those store clerks really got lucky.
A : You can say that again. Some people are born lucky.
E : There must be thousands of old men just like that doctor, I bet.
A : That's probably true. And they must be wanting to draw up a will to give their money away, too. So the next time you meet a lonely old man, you'd better treat him right.
E : Come on! What kind of person do you think I am?
A : Don't get so mad! I'm just kidding! Besides, you might not be so lucky and come across my old uncle, Jake.
E : What do you mean?
A : He's as poor as a church mouse!

安 娜:我完全同意。有些人天生就是运气好。
安 娜:可能吧。而且他们一定也想要立遗嘱把他们的钱给别人。所以下次你遇到孤独的老人时最好要好好对待他。
安 娜:别那么生气嘛!我只是在开玩笑!而且你可能运气很背而遇到我那老叔叔杰克。
安 娜:他是个穷光蛋!