Me and My Big Mouth

Duke is out shopping with his wife, Angel.
(D=Duke; A=Angel)
D : How come every time I'm out shopping with you, you buy nothing but cosmetics?
A : Don't you want me to look pretty?
D : Yes. But do you really need that much?
A : Well, since you put it that way, I guess I don't. Do I?
D : Of course, you don't.
A : Do you really think I look pretty enough without cosmetics?
D : Uh...sure. Besides, you're spending a fortune.
A : Oh, I see! You're interested in nothing but money. You don't really care how I look.
D : Come on. Be reasonable. You're married. Who's going to look at you anyway? (She gets angry.)
A : Make your own dinner tonight.
D : Me and my big mouth!

杜 克:为什么每次我和你出来逛街, 你就光买化妆品?
杜 克:要。可是你真的需要那么多吗?
安琪儿:嗯, 既然你那么说的话, 我想我不需要。我要吗?
杜 克:你当然不需要。
杜 克:呃……当然。而且你花了好多钱。
安琪儿:哦, 我懂了!你只对钱有兴趣, 你并不是真正关心我的容貌。
杜 克:别这样嘛。你要讲理。你已经结婚了, 谁要看你啊?(她生气了。)
杜 克:都怪我多嘴!