Italian Culture

Italy is a land of history and culture. And as we all know, the ancient architecture there is breathtaking. Just as we Chinese are proud of our history and culture, so are the Italians. One of their traditions is to enjoy a long midday meal. This lengthy lunch can last up to four hours! As you can imagine, after all the eating, drinking and chatting, they need to take a nap.
  Well, this custom may be great for the stomach, but it's not so great for getting things done. If you happen to be in Italy, don't be surprised if you have to wait for a long time for the banks and post offices to open.

  意大利是个富有历史和文化的国家。我们都知道, 那儿的古代建筑令人惊叹不已。就如同我们中国人对我们的历史文化感到骄傲, 意大利人也是一样。享受漫长的中餐是他们的传统之一。这顿漫长的午餐可以持续到四个小时之久呢!你可以想象得到, 在这番吃喝闲聊之后, 他们需要小睡片刻。
  嗯, 这种习惯对胃来说可能很棒, 但对办事可就不怎么好了。如果你正好在意大利, 那么等银行和邮局开门要等上老半天也不必太惊讶。