Live and Let Live

Paul and Wendy are talking about the Amish.
(P=Paul; W=Wendy)
P : What do you plan to do in the summer, Wendy?
W : To be frank, I haven't made any plans. What about you?
P : I'm thinking of going to Indiana.
W : What on earth for?
P : To tell the truth, I want to see how the Amish people live.
W : What for? From what I hear, they're boring people. To be honest, I think they're kind of weird.
P : Nonsense! In fact, their simple way of life is quite appealing to me.
W : Well, to each their own, I guess.
P : Exactly, I wish more people would just live and let live.

保罗:夏天你打算做什么, 温迪?
温迪:坦白说, 我还没做任何打算。你呢?
保罗:坦白说, 我想要看看亚米希人是怎么过日子的。
温迪:干嘛?我听说他们这些人很无聊。老实说, 我认为他们有点怪异。
温迪:嗯, 我想是人各有所好吧。
保罗:正是, 我希望有更多的人能自己活也让别人活。