Adorable Koalas in Danger

Koalas are considered an Australian national icon. These adorable tree-hugging animals feed on eucalyptus tree leaves. The problem is on average a koala destroys 13 pounds of the leaves to eat 2 pounds a day. Because of this, 5,000 koalas soon face starvation on Kangaroo Island in the south of Australia.
  The authorities are now considering shooting them to control the island's koala population explosion. However, animal activists suggest growing more trees. "There aren't too many koalas. There are too few trees," they argue. Neighboring provinces have even recommended relocating some of the koalas to them. Most Australians feel that the authorities must do all they can to avoid killing the koalas for to do so would be a national disgrace.

  考拉被视为是澳洲的国家象征。这些可爱的抱树动物以油加利树的树叶为食。问题是一只考拉一天平均损毁十三磅的叶子来吃其中的两磅。由于这个缘故,在澳洲南方的袋鼠岛上, 有五千只考拉很快就面临挨饿的问题。
  当局现正考虑射杀牠们以便控制岛上考拉数目的爆增。然而,保育动物人士则建议多种植一些树。他们认为:“考拉并不会太多;是树太少了。”邻近的一些省甚至建议把其中的一些考拉迁移到他们那里。大部分的澳洲人觉得政府当局必须竭力避免宰杀考拉, 因为那么做的话将是一项国耻。