Where's the Toilet?

You're walking along the street. You need to go to the washroom desss...perately. What do you do? If you can't control yourself, you could be embarrassed to no end.
  Don't worry. Someone in San Francisco has invented a self-cleaning public toilet. The toilet cleans itself. The seat goes back into the wall where it is washed and blow-dried. Even the floors are washed automatically. You must be quick, though. You've only got 20 minutes to "do your business." Then, there's a 2-minute warning before the door opens.When it does, you'd better be ready or your face will be red!

  你正走在街上,非常非常想上洗手间。你该怎么办?如果你无法忍住, 那么你就极为尴尬了。
  别担心,在旧金山有人已经发明了一种自我清洗的公厕。这种厕所会自动清洗干净。使用后马桶会缩进墙里,并在那里洗净吹干。甚至连地板也会自动洗干净。但动作要快,你只有二十分钟可以“办事”。在门打开前两分钟会有一次警告,等门自动打开时, 你最好已经完事, 不然你可要脸红了!