Stop to Smell the Flowers

In the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, people seldom stop to enjoy the beauty of nature. Ask yourself how many times you have listened to the birds sing. And when was the last time you looked at the sparkling stars twinkle in the sky? Time flies and life is short. So don't forget to stop to smell the flowers.
  In our eagerness to make a living, we often forget about our quality of life. Too often you hear people say, "I'm too busy," for this or that. What a shame! One day, when they do find time to stop to smell the flowers, it might be too late.

  在繁忙扰攘的现代生活中, 人们鲜少停下来欣赏大自然之美。问问你自己你曾倾听过几次鸟儿啁啾, 而你上次看天上亮晶晶的星星闪烁又是什么时候?光阴似箭而人生短暂, 所以别忘了停下来闻闻花香。
  在我们迫切谋生的同时, 我们往往遗忘了我们生活的质量。你常常会听到人们因为要做这个或那个的说:“我太忙了。”真是令人遗憾!有一天, 当他们真的找出时间停下来闻闻花香时, 或许那时已经太迟了。