Cheer Up!

Grouchy people are always complaining for no reason. Do you have a husband or boyfriend like that? Is he driving you crazy with his complaints? Don't worry. Cheer up. There's still some hope. A recent medical report says that doctors have found a cure. They say that some men are grouchy because they have a physical problem. In other words, they are sick. They need medical help.
  So the next time your better half is grouchy, don't just sit there. Take him to the doctor's. There's one strange thing about the report, though. It doesn't say anything about grouchy girlfriends or wives.

  满腹牢骚的人总是毫无理由地抱怨。你的老公或男友是否也是如此?他的那些抱怨是否逼得你发疯?别烦恼, 高兴点。还是有希望存在的。最近一项医学报导指出, 医生们发现了一种疗方。他们发现有些人爱发牢骚是因为身体上的毛病。换句话说, 这些人有病了, 他们需要医治。
  所以下次你的另一半发牢骚时, 别坐视不顾,带他去看医生。不过这项报导有一点很奇怪,它对满腹牢骚的女友或老婆只字未提。