Old Wives' Tales

Connie and Willy are talking about the previous lesson. (C=Connie; W=Willy)
C : Do you believe what they say about chili peppers?
W : Frankly speaking, I don't. The last time I got hurt playing soccer, my mom told me not to eat anything spicy. She said it will irritate the wound.
C : My mom is the same. For example, according to her, eating fish eyes is good for the eyes.
W : If you think that's weird, listen to this. My mom says eating pigs' brains makes you smart.
C : Are you kidding? Frankly speaking, I don't believe in any of these old wives' tales.
W : I wish you would tell that to my mom. I'm sick of eating pigs' brains.
C : Poor guy!
W : Don't tell anyone, OK? Or I'll never hear the end of it.
C : OK. It doesn't work anyway.
W : What do you mean?
C : I'm only kidding. You're at least as smart as a pig.

威利:坦白说, 我不相信。上次我踢足球受伤时, 我老妈告诉我别吃任何辛辣的东西。她说那会刺激伤口。
康妮:我妈也是这样。举个例子来说, 根据她的说法, 吃鱼的眼睛对视力有益。
威利:如果你认为那很怪异, 听听这个。我老妈说吃猪脑能使人聪明。
康妮:你在开玩笑吗?坦白说, 我不相信任何这些无稽之谈。
威利:别告诉任何人, 好吗?否则我的耳根就别想清净了。