You've Got to Be Kidding!

Walter answers the door at his home.
(S=stranger; W=Walter)
S : Hi! I'm from Russia. My name is Vodka. I want to marry your wife.
W : With a name like that, I'm not sure she'll want to marry you.
S : So, what kind of man does she like?
W : You need to be strong, handsome and have a good sense of humor.
S : No problem. I guess I qualify then.
W : You've got to be kidding! One look at you and my wife is bound to burst out laughing.
S : Where is she anyway? Can I meet her?
W : I'm afraid she might kick the bucket before me if she meets you. Goodbye!
S : What a jerk!

陌生人:嗨!我来自俄国, 我叫做伏特加, 我想娶你老婆。
华 特:你的名字那么奇怪, 我可没把握她会嫁给你。
陌生人:那么, 她喜欢什么样的男人呢?
华 特:强壮、英俊而且具有幽默感的。
陌生人:没问题, 我想我符合这个条件。
华 特:爱说笑!我老婆只要看你一眼, 一定会忍不住大笑起来。
陌生人:不管怎么样, 她到底在哪里?我可以见她吗?
华 特:我怕她见到你会比我还早死呢。再见!