Stop Swearing!

Everywhere in the world you can hear people swearing or using foul language. Even when learning a second language, many people know how to swear before they can speak the language properly. Indeed, it is a disease.
  Recently, in New Jersey, the government decided to do something about the problem. It banned swearing. You could face a US$500 fine, including a three-month jail term for swearing. Considering the trivial nature of the crime, the punishment seemed quite harsh to some. Some say the law infringes on their rights. But others say it is a good law because people in New Jersey have really stopped swearing so much.

  最近,在新泽西州, 政府决定针对这个问题有所行动。该政府禁止人们说脏话。你说脏话就可能被罚五百元美金,还包括三个月的徒刑。就这项罪行微不足道的性质而论,这样的刑罚对有些人来说似乎相当严厉。有人说这项法律侵害到他们的权利。但是另外一些人却说这是条好法律, 因为新泽西人真的已经不再那么会说脏话了。