Dog Days Off

Have you ever made an excuse for not going to work? I guess most people have. But have you ever called in for a day off because your dog is sick? I bet you haven't. Most people wouldn't have the guts.
  However, some companies in New Zealand find this as an acceptable reason for taking a day off. It is counted as paid sick leave. The reason, they say, is simple: "A sick dog is as much a dependant as a sick child." That makes plenty of sense, doesn't it?This is now known in New Zealand as "dog days off." I wonder what the bosses in China will say if someone calls in for a dog day off.

  你是否曾经找借口不去上班?我猜大多数的人都曾这样做过。不过, 你是否曾因为你的狗生病而打电话到公司请一天假?我敢说你一定没有这样做过。大多数的人都没有这个胆子。
  然而, 在新西兰有些公司认为以这样的理由请一天假是可以接受的, 而且还会把这种假视为薪水照付的病假。他们说这样做的理由很简单:“狗儿生病就像孩子生病一样需要人照顾。”这很有道理吧, 不是吗?现在这种假在新西兰叫做“爱犬假”。我倒想知道如果在咱们中国有人打电话请爱犬假, 老板们会怎么回答。