Girls versus Boys

Daisy is talking with Samson about Kelly Williams, the female wrestler. (D=Daisy; S=Samson)
D : What do you think, Samson? Should girls be allowed to wrestle with boys?
S : I don't see anything wrong with that.
D : Well, wrestling is a contact sport. It's very physical.
S : So? I thought you women always wanted to be equal to men.
D : Yes. But this is different. They'll be grabbing each other. And to win, one wrestler has to lie on top of his or her opponent.
S : So what?
D : It's disgusting. Girls just shouldn't wrestle with boys.
S : Gee, Daisy! Maybe you ought to be a nun.
D : That's not funny! You sex maniac!

黛 丝:山姆森, 你认为呢?应该让女生去和男生摔角吗?
黛 丝:不过, 摔角是一项接触的运动, 经常有身体上的接触。
黛 丝:对, 但这不一样。他们要彼此抓住对方, 而且为了求胜, 一方必须把他或她的对手压在底下。
黛 丝:那样很恶心。女孩子就是不应该和男孩子摔角。
山姆森:乖乖, 黛丝!也许你应该去当尼姑。
黛 丝:一点也不好笑!你这色狼!