Early to Bed, Early to Rise

"Early to bed, early to rise," so goes an old saying. But how many of us are in the habit of doing that? Not many, I bet. Most of us need an alarm clock to wake us up. But even that doesn't always work. It's too easy to punch the off button and fall asleep again.
  The Lazybones Alarm Clock may be the solution to our problem. It's specially designed so that it cannot be switched off with a simple push of a button. The clock has several "protective shells." You must open these shells one by one before you can turn off the alarm. If you don't, it'll keep on saying, "Good morning...good morning..." So if any of you lazybones need a morning call that really gets you out of bed, this clock might be just the thing for you.

  俗话说得好:“早睡早起身体好。”可是我们当中有多少人具有这样的习惯呢?我敢保证这样的人并不多。我们大多数人都得靠闹钟来把我们叫醒。不过这个方法也并非永远管用,因为我们可以轻易地按下停止钮, 然后倒头再睡。
  懒骨头闹钟也许可以解决我们的问题。它经过了特殊设计, 因此无法光靠按个钮就可把它关掉。这种闹钟有好几层“护壳”。你必须将这些护壳一层层地打开, 才能让铃声停止。如果你没这样做, 它就会“早安, 早安……”一直叫个不停。所以如果你们之中哪一个懒骨头, 需要在早晨靠电话呼叫才真正起得了床的话, 这种闹钟可能正是你所需要的。