Wanna Dance?

Candy goes to Dan's casual party. Dan's her American friend. (C=Candy; D=Dan)
C : Hi, Dan!
D : Hi, Candy! Glad you could make it.
C : I wouldn't miss your party for the world.
D : Thanks for the compliment.
C : Here, I brought some beer and a bottle of wine.
D : That's great. Come on in. I want you to meet some of my friends.
C : OK.
D : Hey, everybody. This is Candy. Candy, uh...this is everybody.
(Everyone laughs as they continue to dance.)
C : Hey, don't let me interrupt.
D : Wanna dance?
C : Uh...how about some wine first? I need to get in the mood.
D : Sure thing.

肯蒂:嗨, 丹!
丹 :嗨, 肯蒂!真高兴你能来。
丹 :谢谢你的恭维。
肯蒂:喏, 我带了些啤酒和一瓶葡萄酒。
丹 :太好了。请进。我想请你见见我的一些朋友。
丹 :嘿, 诸位, 这是肯蒂。肯蒂, 呃……这是大家。
肯蒂:嘿, 别让我打断你们。
丹 :想跳舞吗?
丹 :当然好啰。