Heavy and Chubby

Watch out, all you chubby guys out there!If you continue to overeat, you might be just like Michael Hebrank.
  He's 43 years old. He can't walk. He can stand up for no more than 30 seconds at a time. He has to use an oxygen mask to help him breathe. And he weighs 1,000 pounds (455 kilograms) . He once became seriously ill and couldn't get out of the house. In the end, he had to be forklifted out after the front wall of his house was torn down. Poor Michael says, "Once I start eating, I can't stop." So if you're on the heavy side, take care lest you become another Michael.

  各位胖哥胖姐注意了!如果你们继续暴饮暴食, 可能就会变得和迈克尔‧赫布兰克一样。
  他今年才四十三岁就已寸步难行。他每次站立的时间没办法超过三十秒。他必须带氧气罩来帮助呼吸。此外,他体重高达一千磅(四百五十五公斤)。有一次他病得很严重而且挤不出家门。最后, 他房子正面的那道墙壁被拆掉后,他才被用铲车搬出去。可怜的迈克尔说:“我一旦开始吃东西就停不下来。”所以如果你的体重偏高,那就要注意了, 以免变成另一个迈克尔。