Killing Is No Solution

Two Australians, Mack and Jill, are camping on Kangaroo Island. (M=Mack; J=Jill)
M : Look! There's a koala hugging a tree. They're really so cute. Jill, why are you crying?
J : The government's planning on killing them because they may starve to death soon.
M : What a stupid idea! They should try saving them instead.
J : I agree. Let's start a campaign to save them. If we can find 5,000 people to each take one home, the problem will be solved.
M : That's a good idea. You know, there're about 18 million people in Australia. Five thousand is only 0.027 percent of the population.
J : Let's do it then.
M : Killing as a solution to a problem is just not right.
J : You can say that again.

两名澳洲人, 梅克和吉尔, 正在袋鼠岛上露营。
梅克:你看!有只考拉抱在树上。它们真的好可爱。吉尔, 你怎么哭了?
吉尔:政府正计划宰杀它们, 因为它们可能很快就会饿死了。
吉尔:我同意。咱们发起一个活动来拯救它们吧。如果我们能找到五千个人, 让每个人各带一只回家的话, 问题就可以解决了。
梅克:好点子。它是知道的, 澳洲的人口大约有一千八百万。五千只不过是总人口数的十万分之二十七。