If you are a little adventurous, like water sports, and enjoy being around nature, then kayaking is definitely for you. Floating, drifting and speeding down rivers is all part of kayaking. What better way is there to spend a boiling hot summer day? And if you think it is dangerous, you're dead wrong. It's so safe, you don't even need to know how to swim! Everyone wears a life jacket while kayaking. So, you see, it's not a sport for the brave only.
  Kayaking may look difficult but it's really very easy. Sea kayaking can be learned in 5 minutes! However, it takes about two days to learn river kayaking. And for an estimated US$1, 500, you'll be able to own all the proper equipment, including the kayak. It's not cheap, but good things seldom are.

  如果你有点冒险精神,又喜欢水上运动和接近大自然的话,那么划独木舟就一定很适合你。漂浮、漂移和急速冲下河流都是划独木舟的一部分。还有什么比这样度过炎炎夏日更好的方法呢?而且如果你认为这很危险的话, 那你就大错特错了。它非常安全, 以致于你甚至不需要会游泳!划独木舟的时候, 每个人都会穿一件救生衣。所以,你看,这并不是项专属于勇者的运动。
  划独木舟看起来很难,其实很容易。海上独木舟不用五分钟就可以学会了!然而,河流独木舟大约需要两天的时间。大概花个一千五百块美金,所有的装备你就可以一应俱全, 包括独木舟。那并不便宜, 可是一分钱一分货。