The Poor Man's Cure-all

Having one of the world's largest garlic crops, Gilroy, California is known as the "garlic capital of the world." On a hot summer day, a pungent odor rises from this farming town which can be smelled miles away. All you have to do is roll down the window of your car and you know you're in Gilroy.
  Believing that garlic helps the body fight many forms of diseases, people add garlic to their cooking in many parts of the world. Moreover, it's popularly used as the poor man's cure-all. During the First World War it was used as an antiseptic. And in the Second World War it was known as "Russian penicillin." Nowadays, thinking that it kills bacteria, some people eat raw garlic as if it were candy.

  由于拥有世界上最大的大蒜产量之一,加州的吉罗伊是著名的“世界大蒜之都”。在炎热的夏天, 一股刺鼻的味道从这个农业城镇散发出来,数哩之外就闻得到。你所必须做的就是摇下车窗,那么你就知道你是在吉罗伊了。
  因为相信大蒜会帮人体抵抗许多疾病,世界上许多地方的人在烹调的时候会添加大蒜。此外,大蒜还被广泛地用作穷人的万灵丹。在第一次世界大战期间, 它被用来当作消毒剂。而在二次大战期间它以“俄国人的盘尼西林”而闻名。如今, 有些人认为它会杀菌而生吃大蒜就像它是糖果一样。