A Shocking Experience

Taking a taxi in a certain Eastern European country can be a shocking experience. It is said that some taxi drivers have metal wires stuck into the passenger seats. And when a button is pushed, the seat will give you an electric shock. These taxi drivers don't do this for fun. They do it to tourists who argue about the ridiculous fares they charge. Some drivers charge as much as ten times the legal fare. They have a secret switch which makes the meters run faster. If you refuse to pay, you are really in for a shock.
  In one case, a German woman had no choice but to pay US$120 for a US$20 ride from the airport. She said that she was "really taken for a ride," but what could she do? Besides the electric shock, she was verbally abused and threatened with physical violence. She has only one piece of advice to tourists: "Take the bus or stay at home."

  在东欧某国搭乘出租汽车可能会是个骇人的经验。据说那里有若干出租汽车司机会在乘客的座位装上金属电线,然后一按钮,座位就会传电使你受到电击。这些出租汽车司机并不是为了好玩才这样做, 他们用这种方法对付那些与他们争执车资不合理的观光客。有些司机索取的车资高达原法定车资的十倍,他们车内有一个秘密开关,可以使计费表转速加快, 如果你拒付的话, 就一定会被电击。
  有一次, 一位德国女士在机场搭车,坐了廿美元的路程却不得不付出一百二十美元。她说她“确实是上当受骗了,”但又能怎么办呢?除了电击之外, 她还受到言词辱骂和肢体暴力恐吓,她对游客只有一个忠告:“你要嘛坐公共汽车要不然就待在家里。”