Partying with Foreigners

Partying is fun. But have you ever been invited to a party by a foreigner? What should you wear? Should you bring anything?If so, what? Don't worry. Today we are going to give you some tips about partying with foreigners.
  First, you should ask if it is a formal or casual party. Then you will know what to wear. It's as simple as that. At a casual party, it is customary to bring a bottle of wine or some other refreshment. It is not considered polite to bring someone along with you unless you first ask your host. At more formal parties like birthdays, a small gift will be sufficient. Giving money would cause some embarrassment. Finally, never overstay your welcome. When it's getting late, it's time to thank your host for a wonderful evening and say good night.

  参加派对很有趣。可是,你曾被老外邀请去参加派对吗?你该穿什么样的服装?你该带东西去吗?如果要带的话, 带什么?别担心,今天我们要给你一些提示, 让你知道和老外一起开派对该怎么做。
  首先,你得问清楚这是个正式或非正式的派对,那么你就知道该穿着什么服装了。就是那么简单。若是非正式的派对,习惯上是要带瓶酒或其它点心。除非事先问过主人,否则带未经邀请的人参加是不礼貌的。若是较正式的派对,如生日派对等, 送个小礼物就够了,送钱会令人尴尬。最后要注意的是,千万别逗留过久而惹人生厌。时候不早时,你就该向主人致谢告诉他你度过了一个美好的夜晚,然后说声晚安告别。