Man's Best Friend

Of all the animals of the Chinese horoscope, the dog really stands out. Which other animal can compare to the dog? The horse? No, he's always horsing around. The monkey?No, he's always monkeying around.
  The dog is a loyal companion. He makes us feel safe. He helps us keep thieves out of our homes. The dog has also helped us with our English. For example, if there were no dogs, how could people complain about leading a dog's life? And how could the weatherman say, "It's raining cats and dogs?"
  The dog is truly man's best friend. So the next time a dog lifts a leg to your car, don't get angry. Just let it obey the call of nature.

  在所有中国的十二生肖当中, 狗真的是最突出的。其它有哪种动物能和狗一较长短的?马吗?不行, 它老是在鬼混。猴子吗?也不行, 它老是在瞎搞。
  狗是一个忠实的伙伴。它使我们感到安全,它帮助我们防止小偷闯到我们家里。狗也帮了我们英文上的忙。例如, 如果没有狗的话,人们怎么能说生活过得连狗都不如?而气象播报员又怎么能说:“现在正下着倾盆大雨”?