Seeing Is Believing

Wearing glasses can be a real day-to-day hassle, not to mention using contact lenses which have to be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected every so often. Fortunately, however, for those millions of contact lens users, there's a new product out-the 1-day Acuvue.
  These new disposable contact lenses are designed to be convenient and rather inexpensive because the idea is to throw them away after use at the end of each day. What's even better is if you are planning to give them a try for the first time, the manufacturers will give you your first five pairs for free. If you don't think that's possible, why not go down to your local optician and check it out? No one will blame you for doing that. After all, seeing is believing.

  戴眼镜可能是日常生活中很麻烦的一件事,更别说是戴必须常常清洁、冲洗和消毒的隐形眼镜了。然而对上百万的隐形眼镜使用者来说,幸运的是, 有一项新的产品问世 ── 一天用的阿裘维尔。
  这些新式的抛弃式隐形眼镜的设计是为求方便,而且价格也相当低廉,因为其主要用意就是在每天最后用后把它们扔掉。更棒的是,如果你打算第一次试用,制造商便会免费赠送你前五副。如果你认为那不可能,何不到当地的眼镜行去看看呢?没有人会怪你那么做的。毕竟, 眼见为实。