Mean What You Say

Some people say that promises are made to be broken. That certainly seems to be true in this cutthroat society that we live in. But if you break your promise, you will ruin your reputation and no one will trust you anymore.So whenever we say, "I give you my word," we should mean it. There is nothing worse than to be let down by others because they have not kept their promises.
  In fact, it isn't so difficult to keep promises. Just remember never to promise anything we are not sure we can live up to. In short, therefore, to be trustworthy, we should always say what we mean and mean what we say.

  有些人说承诺就是许下来违背的。这种情形在我们所处这个竞争激烈的社会里似乎是真话。但是如果你违背你的诺言, 就会损毁你的名誉, 而且没有人会再相信你了。所以每当我们说:“我向你保证,”我们应该是真心诚意。再也没有比因为别人未能遵守诺言而让你失望更糟的事了。
  事实上, 守信并不是那么困难的事。只要记住绝对不要许下任何你没把握遵守的诺言。总之, 要成为一个值得信赖的人, 我们应该时时说内心话和说话算话。