A Very Special Juice

A Very Special Juice and The Golden Fountain are the titles of two books. They have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Can you guess what they are about? They are guides to urine therapy. Don't laugh! Urine is big business these days. There's an annual market of US$500 million for products made from urine.
  "It's a great aftershave," says one consumer. It's even used in many skin creams and perfumes. Besides, it is widely used as a kind of medicine. Believe it or not, a lady in America says she drinks a glass of urine a day. At this point, you must excuse me; I have to go to the restroom.

  《琼浆玉液》和《黄金泉》是两本书的书名。它们已经销售了几十万本。你猜得出这两本是什么书吗?它们是尿疗法指南。别笑!尿液现今可是大行业, 由尿提炼出来的产品每年有五亿美元的市场。
  有位消费者说:“尿液是很棒的刮胡水。”它甚至被用在许多面霜和香水里面。此外, 它也被广泛地当作一种药品来使用。信不信由你, 在美国有一位女士说她一天喝一杯尿。说到这里, 请恕我失陪一下, 我得去一下洗手间。