Kick the Habit

There are millions of people all over the world who smoke. Most of these smokers have tried to quit smoking at least once in their lives, but in vain. Make no mistake; smoking is addictive. And once you are addicted, it's very difficult to stop smoking. Many people have tried many different ways to kick the habit. None of them is easy.
  Take a tip from me. I smoked for twenty-five years. Then one day, I decided to quit cold turkey after trying everything else. It worked. That was two years ago and I haven't smoked a single cigarette since then.Good luck!

  全世界有数以百万计的人吸烟。大多数的吸烟者一生中至少都有过一次尝试戒烟的经验, 但却徒劳无功。别搞错哦, 吸烟是会上瘾的。而一旦你上了瘾, 就很难戒除。很多人试过很多不同的方法来摆脱这个习惯, 但没有一个方法是容易办到的。
  那么听我的忠告吧。我有二十五年的烟龄, 在试过其它各种戒烟方法后, 有一天我决定要断然戒烟。结果这个方法奏效了。那是两年前的事了, 从那时起, 我就再没抽过一根烟。祝你好运!