Lost and Found

In recent years, going abroad for a holiday has almost become a national pastime. Traveling is indeed fun. But those of you traveling for the first time beware! What should you do if you lose your luggage? Don't panic. Just go straight to the airline you're traveling with. They'll direct you to the Lost and Found department.
  In most cases, they'll find your luggage. But you must not forget one thing when you're at the check-in counter. Make sure you get a baggage check stub. Without it, the airline will have great difficulty helping you. Worried about what to say at the Lost and Found? Well, tune in tomorrow and listen to someone who has just lost his luggage.

  最近几年,到国外度假几乎已成为一种全国性的休闲活动。旅游的确很有趣, 但是第一次出国旅游的人可要小心了!万一遗失了行李该怎么办?别惊慌。只要直接到你所搭乘的航空公司, 他们会指引你到失物招领处。
  在大多数情形下,他们会找到你的行李。但是千万别忘了,在办理登机手续时, 一定要拿到寄运行李的存根。若没有存根, 航空公司要帮你的忙就很困难了。担心在失物招领处该说些什么吗?那么,明天请收听一个刚刚丢了行李的人的现身说法吧。