I Want to Marry Your Wife

Strange people do strange things. Aging German millionaire Walter Thiele certainly fits the bill. Recently, he put advertisements in newspapers to find someone to "look after" his wife and his fortune after he dies. Needless to say, thousands of letters poured in from all over the world. Some young men even showed up at Walter's home. Once, when he opened the door, a young man said, "I want to marry your wife."
  If you think that's funny, so does Walter. The problem is he isn't getting much sleep. So in order to get away for a while, he's taking his beautiful young wife on a round-the-world trip. Well, I guess it takes all kinds of people to make up the world.

  奇怪的人做奇怪的事。逐渐年迈的德国百万富翁华特‧西里无疑正是这种人。最近, 他在报纸上刊登广告要找人在他死后来“照顾”他的妻子和财产。不用说,上千封的信件由世界各地如雪片般飞来。有些年轻男子甚至出现在华特家。有一次,当他开门时, 有个年轻男子对他说:“我想娶你老婆。”
  如果你认为这件事很好笑,华特也是这样想。问题是, 他现在连觉都睡不好。因此,为了要远离这种困扰一阵子, 他正带他那年轻貌美的老婆环游世界。呃, 我看这世界真是什么样的人都有。