The Amish

In the heart of America, in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, live some people who are not your typical Americans. In order to lead simple lives, they don't use cars. Instead, they drive horse-drawn buggies. They don't use electric lights, either, not to mention telephones. They make their own clothing which looks ancient. And, to make matters worse, they don't speak English but German among themselves.
  These people are the Amish. They settled in America almost 300 years ago. Most of them are farmers who stay away from the temptations of the city. As modern life becomes more and more complicated, the Amish way of life seems to make more and more sense.

  在美国的心脏地带, 也就是在宾夕法尼亚州、俄亥俄州和印第安纳州, 住着一些非典型的美国人。为了过简朴的生活, 他们不用汽车;他们反而驾驶马车。他们也不使用电灯, 更别说是电话了。他们自己做样式古老的衣服。更糟的是, 他们彼此之间不用英语交谈, 而是用德语。
  这些人是亚米希人。他们在近三百年前来到美国定居。他们大部分都是远离城市诱惑的农民。在现代生活变得愈来愈复杂的同时, 亚米希人的生活方式似乎越来越有道理了。