What's in the Bag?

Mr. White is at the Lost and Found. He's talking to one of the clerks there. (W=Mr. White; C=clerk)
W : Excuse me. I couldn't find my luggage at the carousel.
C : OK. Come with me, please. See if you can find it in this room.
W : (after a while) It doesn't seem to be here.
C : In that case, do you have your baggage check stub with you?
W : Yes. Here you are.
C : OK. I'm afraid you'll have to fill out this form.
W : OK... (He looks at the form.) Hey! Wait a minute. How can I remember every item I have in the bag?
C : Why not? It's your luggage, isn't it? You should know what's in it.
W : Can you tell me everything you have in your pockets right now?
C : Uh...Um...OK, smart aleck! Just write down what you can remember.

怀特:抱歉, 我在行李输送带那儿找不到我的行李。
职员:好吧, 请跟我来, 看看能不能在这个房间里找到。
职员:这样的话, 你的行李寄运存根带在身上了吗?
怀特:带了, 就在这儿。
怀特:好吧……(他看了表格。)嘿!等等, 我怎么可能记得我袋子里的每样东西?
职员:怎么不可能?那是你的行李, 不是吗?你应该知道里头有些什么东西。
职员:呃……嗯……好吧, 聪明的家伙!只要把你记得的写下来就好了。