The Weaker Sex?

Who says that women are the weaker sex?Sixteen-year-old Kelly Williams from St. Petersburg, Florida is the first female wrestler to fight against boys and beat them. Who would have thought that possible not so very long ago? Her success, though, has angered some people. They say she should have been banned from wrestling because it will cause the boys to think impure thoughts.
  When asked about this, Kelly said, "People live in their own worlds and nobody has the right to force their values on others." Should women be allowed to wrestle with men in competition? What do you think?

  谁说女人是弱者?来自佛罗里达州圣彼得堡十六岁的凯莉‧威廉斯是第一位和男孩子摔跤并击败他们的女摔跤手。不久前, 谁会认为那种事可能发生呢?然而, 她的成功激怒了某些人。他们说应该禁止她摔跤, 因为和她摔跤会使男孩子想入非非。
  被问到这个问题时, 凯莉说:“人们有各自的天地, 没有人有权利强迫别人接受自己的价值观。”女性应不应该被允许和男性比赛摔跤?你认为呢?