Beauty Is Only Skin-deep

It is natural for people to be attracted to beautiful things. It follows, therefore, that most women desire nothing but to look beautiful. That is why they cannot help but spend vast sums of money on cosmetics and fashionable clothing. They are interested in nothing but their looks. However, they should be reminded that beauty is only skin-deep.
  Instead, they should pay more attention to their character because when you have character, you have class. And that is what gives one inner beauty.

  人被美丽的事物所吸引是很自然的事情。因此,大部分的女性只想要看起来漂亮, 这是有其道理的。那就是为何她们会忍不住将大笔金钱花在化妆品和流行服饰上的原因。她们只关心她们的容貌。然而, 我们应该提醒她们美色是肤浅的。
  相反地, 她们应该多注意她们的品格,因为有了品格才会有水平。而那才能给予一个人内在美。