About Moral Values

More and more people are forgetting the saying, "Pride comes before a fall." I remember only a few years ago when things used to be so different. People used to be more modest and humble.
  As I looked around at my schoolmates the other day, I realized how different things are. People are so much more pretentious nowadays. With their fancy clothes and stylish hairdos, they appear too materialistic, which is not to my liking. I know modernization is necessary for advancement. However, I hope we don't lose our traditional moral values along the way.

  前几天我看了看我的同学后, 我了解到现在事情是多么不同。现在人们比以前浮华得多。他们花哨的穿著和时髦的发型使他们显得过于注重物质享受, 这一点我很不喜欢。我知道要进步就必须要现代化。然而, 我希望我们在这同时不要失去传统的道德价值观。