Coffee Bathing

When the Japanese ask you, "Would you like some coffee?" think twice before you answer. In Japan, it is quite popular to have a "coffee bath." For about US$20, you can get a ground coffee bath; that is, they "boil" you in coffee. The coffee smells good, but you'll probably feel the heat. It sounds like fun, doesn't it?
  Well, the Japanese don't do it for fun. They believe it helps cure diseases. Who knows? Maybe it's true. But in spite of what they say, I'll just take my coffee in a cup, thank you.

  当日本人问你:“要来点咖啡吗?”你要三思之后再回答。在日本洗“咖啡浴”是很风行的。大约美金二十块, 你就可以洗一个研磨咖啡澡;也就是说, 他们会把你放在咖啡里“煮”。 咖啡闻起来很香, 但是你大概会感觉到它的热度。听起来好像很好玩, 不是吗?
  而日本人不是为了好玩去洗的。他们相信洗咖啡浴有助于治疗疾病。谁晓得呢?或许是真的。但拜托, 不管他们怎么说, 我只要喝装在杯子里的咖啡就行了。