Hi-tech Romance

Both Charlene and Robert are librarians. Charlene is from America and Robert is from Australia. Four days after they met face to face for the first time, they got married. "That was quick," you might think. Actually, they had known each other for nine months before they met. Thanks to E-mail (electronic mail) , they had been corresponding with each other through their computers.
  It all started when Charlene came across Robert's note in her computer. She replied to it. From then on, they would not only get in touch but flirt with each other. That was how this "hi-tech" romance began. Sound interesting? Well, if you're looking for a spouse, why not give it a try? Who knows? You might be just as lucky as Charlene and Robert.

  查琳和罗伯特两人都是图书馆员。查琳是美国人, 而罗伯特是澳洲人。他们头一次碰面的四天后就结婚了。你可能会认为:“那真快啊。”其实, 他们在见面之前就已经互相认识九个月了。因为电子邮件的关系, 他们一直通过电脑互通信息。
  这段姻缘是查琳无意中在她的电脑里看到罗伯特的留言时结下的。她回信了。从那时起, 他们不只是互相联络, 还互诉衷情。那就是这段“高科技”恋情如何展开的。听起来很有趣吗?如果你正在寻找终身伴侣, 何妨试一试呢?谁知道呢?你可能会跟查琳还有罗伯特一样走运呢。