Just a Dream

One day I was at home listening to music when suddenly I felt a pain in my neck. As I tried to turn my head, I heard my neck crack. I got the fright of my life. I was so scared that I could feel my legs trembling. "What's the matter with me?" I thought to myself.
  Just then, I felt myself slapped by someone. I opened my eyes and saw my teacher standing over me with an angry look in his face. I realized then that I had been dreaming. I didn't mind getting caught dozing off in class. I was happy what happened was just a dream.

  有一天我在家里听音乐的时侯, 脖子突然感到疼痛。当我想要转头时, 便听到自己的脖子发出啪啪的声音。我吓得魂都没了。我怕得可以感觉到自己的腿在抖。我心里想:“我到底怎么了?”
  就在那时, 我感觉到自己被人拍了一下。我睁开眼睛看到老师面有愠色地站在我身边。当时我恍然大悟原来我是在做梦。我倒不在乎上课打瞌睡被逮到;我很高兴那只是一场梦。