Getting a Tan

Both my brother and I are outgoing people. He as well as I likes being in the sun. It goes without saying, therefore, that we spend a lot of our free time at the beach. We go there to relax as well as to keep fit. To be frank, though, he no less than I enjoys looking at the beautiful "scenery" around the beach.
  However, if you are anything like us, we have a piece of advice for you. Don't forget to rub a good amount of sunscreen lotion all over your body. Not only does it protect you from getting skin cancer, but it also helps to keep you nicely tanned. Both my brother and I forgot to do that and now we look like Afro-Americans rather than Chinese.

  我弟弟和我都是喜欢外出的人。他和我都喜欢晒太阳。所以不用说你也知道我们在海滩上消磨掉许多闲暇。我们去那儿让自己放松心情以及让自己的身体保持健康。不过坦白地说, 他和我都喜欢欣赏海滩那儿的美“景”。
  然而, 如果你和我们志同道合的话, 我们有一项建议要给你。别忘了全身上下要抹上大量的防晒乳液。防晒乳液不只是可以防止你得皮肤癌, 还可以让你晒得一身古铜色。我弟弟和我都忘了要那么做, 而我们现在看起来像美国黑人而不像中国人。