Fast Food, Slow Service

Tess is a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. Michael is a customer in a hurry. (T=Tess; M=Michael)
T : Good afternoon, sir. How are you today?
M : Save it, lady. Just get me a burger and fries.
T : Would you care for a drink or anything else?
M : Listen. Though I know you're trying to be nice, I don't have all day. If I want anything else, I'll mention it, OK?
T : Are you sure you don't want a dessert? A milkshake maybe?
M : No, just go and bring me my order, will you?
T : Wait a minute! You look familiar. You're Michael Jordan, aren't you? Tell me, how does it feel to be such a famous basketball player?
M : That's it. I've had enough. I'm going to a real fast-food restaurant.

黛丝是一家快餐店的收银员, 迈克尔则是一位赶时间的顾客。
黛 丝:午安, 先生。您今天好吗?
迈克尔:不必客套了, 小姐。就给我一份汉堡包和薯条吧。
黛 丝:要不要来杯饮料或别的东西?
迈克尔:听着, 虽然我知道你想要对我亲切, 但是我可没那闲功夫。如果我还要别的东西, 我会说的, 好吗?
黛 丝:您确定不要来份点心吗?来杯奶昔如何?
迈克尔:不要, 只要把我点的东西拿来就行了, 好吗?
黛 丝:等等!您看起来很面熟。您是迈克尔‧乔丹, 对不对?告诉我, 当一个这么有名的篮球员感觉如何?