Fast-food Talk

Though it is generally accepted that junk food is not healthful, American fast-food restaurants are popping up all over the world. These restaurants are for people who are always in a rush. If they don't have time to sit down to a regular meal, they race over to the nearest McDonald's. There they can quickly satisfy their hunger.
  Because Americans like things done immediately, they often order their food quickly at fast-food restaurants. They say, "A burger, fries and a coke!" Though it's not polite, it's efficient. So when you are in the States, try to order this way. After all, in America do as the Americans do.

  虽然大家都普遍承认垃圾食物并无益于健康, 但是美式快餐餐馆却如雨后春笋般在世界各地流行起来。这些餐馆是针对总是在赶时间的人而诞生。如果他们没有时间坐下来好好吃顿饭, 他们就会赶到最近的麦当劳。在那儿, 他们可以很快地填饱饥饿的肚子。
  因为美国人做事喜欢快刀斩乱麻, 他们在快餐店里点餐通常也很迅速。他们会说:“一个汉堡包、一份炸薯条和一杯可乐。”这种说法虽然并不礼貌, 却很有效率。所以当你在美国的时候, 试着用这种方式点餐吧。毕竟, 在美国就应该要像美国佬那样做。