Variety Is the Spice of Life

Barney and Debbie are on vacation in Bangkok. (B=Barney; D=Debbie)
D : So where are you taking me out to dinner tonight, Barney?
B : Let's go to Phuket. It has the most beautiful sunsets that you will ever see. That's also where you can get a wide range of exotic foods.
D : Sounds good. What have you got in mind?
B : I've been dying to try monkey brains again.
D : What? You've got to be kidding. No way!
B : Come on. Haven't you learned that variety is the spice of life?
D : You just said "again." Have you tried it before?
B : Sure, it's delicious.
D : No wonder! Sometimes you act like a monkey!

黛比:那么今晚你要带我到哪儿吃饭呢, 巴尼?
巴尼:咱们去普吉岛吧, 在那儿你会看到最美的日落, 而且那儿有各种奇特的食物。
巴尼:别这样嘛, 你难道不知道人生就是要多样化才会有意思的吗?
黛比:你刚才说“再”, 你以前吃过吗?
巴尼:当然, 还挺好吃的。