Laser Cures Snoring

A mother and son are talking. (S=son; M=mother)
S : I can't stand Dad's snoring anymore, Mom. I didn't sleep a wink last night.
M : I understand. Neither did I. But what can we do?
S : I read in a magazine that there's some kind of laser which can cure snoring.
M : I read that, too. But it's pretty expensive. Besides, people who have tried it say it's painful and could cause voice change.
S : Oh, I didn't know that. I guess there's no hope then.
M : Well, I'll talk to Dad about it.
S : I hope he agrees to do it. Anyway, a voice change will do him a world of good. Have you heard him try to sing lately?
M : Come to think of it, you're right.

儿子:妈, 我再也忍受不了老爸的鼾声了。我昨晚整夜都没合上眼。
妈妈:我也看到了, 但那挺贵的。况且尝试过的人说那很痛苦而且可能会导致声音改变。
儿子:哦, 这个我倒不知道。我想大概没指望了。
妈妈:嗯, 我会和你老爸谈谈这件事。
妈妈:这倒使我想起来了, 你说的没错。