The City of Song

Listening to music is the favorite pastime of many people all over the world. This is especially true for people living in Vienna, the city of song. Being the home of Mozart, this city is the birthplace of classical music and the waltz.
  Music fills the air in Vienna. Going to public concerts is often free of charge. And don't forget, Vienna is also home to the world famous Vienna Boys' Choir. No wonder people say Austria is always alive with the sound of music.

  听音乐是全世界许多人最喜爱的消遣。这对生活在音乐之都的维也纳人民来说更是贴切。这个城市不但是莫扎特的故乡, 也是古典音乐和华尔兹舞曲的发源地。
  音乐缭绕于整个维也纳。欣赏公开的演奏会通常都是免费的。别忘了, 维也纳也是世界著名维也纳少年合唱团的所在地。难怪人们说奥地利永远充满着音乐的声音。