Garbage Could Mean Money

Fashion never ceases to surprise me. Recently, a fashion designer came up with another strange creation. His idea comes straight from the garbage dump, so to speak. He makes sweaters from used plastic bottles.What a weird sweater that's going to be!
  This new kind of sweater will protect you from the rain and cold. They will, therefore, be especially attractive to outdoor people such as fishermen, hunters and mountain climbers. However, they're not cheap. They sell at prices ranging from US$100 to US$150. What a great idea for making money! Don't you think?

  流行服饰总是不断地令我惊奇。最近, 一名时装设计师想出另一种奇异的时装。他的这个点子可以说是直接来自垃圾堆。他利用使用过的塑料瓶罐来制造毛衣。那将是一件多么怪异的毛衣啊!
  这种新款式的毛衣能够为你挡雨防寒。因此, 这些毛衣对户外活动的人士像是渔夫、猎人和登山者特别具有吸引力。然而, 这些毛衣并不便宜。它们的售价在一百到一百五十块美金之间。这真是个赚钱的妙点子!你不觉得吗?