A Thanksgiving Get-together

Larry, who is from Taiwan, is studying in America. His classmate, Sue, who is American, is having a Thanksgiving Day party at her house.
(S=Sue; L=Larry)
S : Hi, Larry. Are you doing anything for Thanksgiving?
L : I don't have any plans.
S : Good. I'm having a get-together at my house. Would you like to come?
L : Sure, I'd love to. Should I bring anything?
S : No. There will be plenty of salad, ham, corn, potatoes, wine and, of course, turkey.
L : That sounds great. Do you want me to come by early to give you a hand?
S : That's not necessary. Just come over at around two in the afternoon.

赖瑞是台湾人, 他现在在美国念书。他的同学苏是美国人, 她将在她家里举办一个感恩节派对。
苏:嗨, 赖瑞。你感恩节要做什么吗?
赖瑞:当然, 我非常乐意。我应该带什么东西吗?
苏:不用了。到时候会有丰盛的色拉、火腿、玉米、马铃薯、酒, 当然还有火鸡。