Touring by Taxi

One of the most convenient but expensive ways to get around a city in any country is by taxi. And in some cases, tipping is expected.
  A taxi driver knows the city like the back of his hand. He can tell you whatever you want to know. At the same time he'll be your personal tour guide. He can take you wherever you want to go. So, however expensive the taxi ride may be, the advice you get from the driver will certainly be worth it.

  出租车司机对他的城市了如指掌。你想要知道什么他都可以告诉你。同时他也兼做你的私人导游。不论你想去任何地方, 他都会把你送到。所以, 不论搭出租车多么昂贵, 你从司机那里所得到的建议绝对是值得的。