Monkeying Around

Thai people believe that keeping monkeys happy brings good luck. So every year there's a day on which they have a special treat for monkeys called the Annual Monkey Feast. Hundreds of monkeys come from the mountains to "sit at" long buffet tables which are piled high with bananas, peanuts, watermelons and cabbage.
  Monkeys will be monkeys. So they fool around and fights break out. But nobody seems to care. Neither do the monkeys. They just stare back at the crowds of people who turn out to watch them. Then they continue to monkey around and have a good time.

  泰国人相信让猴子快乐会带来好运。因此, 他们每年都有一天会为猴子举办特别的宴请, 叫做“年度猴子盛宴”。好几百只猴子从山里跑来“坐在”长长的自助餐桌前, 桌上堆着高高的香蕉、花生、西瓜和包心菜。
  猴子就是猴子, 所以牠们会胡闹和打架。但似乎没有人在乎, 猴子们也不在乎。牠们只是回过头来瞪着跑出来看牠们的人群, 然后继续胡闹, 玩得不亦乐乎。